Ready To Learn: Adapting for COVID 19

How We Keep Your Children Safe in School


We have created guidelines to ensure the safe operation of BISB for the new year. We have listened to your feedback in recent surveys and as always have tried to accommodate all of our community. Our plans will continue to be guided by our principles which include prioritising the health and safety of our community, ensuring that learning is continuous and being able to offer you flexible learning options that are best suited for your family.

The Ready to learn document shares as much preliminary information as possible regarding our plans, reassuring you that we are well prepared to welcome all students and staff back on campus. At the same time, we are mindful that these guidelines may need to be modified if we are presented with new regulations or advice from the Ministry of Education or government authorities. Any revisions will be made in the best interests of students and community members and will be shared with parents as soon as possible to support them in the planning process, particularly where a rotational attendance pattern has been adopted.

At Home

For parents who have chosen distance learning as an option for their child’s education, Britus International School Bahrain is committed to ensuring that our students move from learning in a traditional classroom setting to an online learning environment in a smooth, supportive and engaging way.

This webinar will provide parents with a deeper understanding of the Britus approach to distance learning, so that parents can feel confident that their child will receive an amazing education experience at home.

Download the RTL at Home Information Kit

In School

Recognizing that COVID-19 is likely to continue impact school operations into the new academic year, Britus International School Bahrain is working diligently to ensure all our students will have access to the best learning experience.

This webinar will provide parents with a deeper understanding of the Britus approach the school will take, reassuring parents that what the school offers will be safe, inclusive and flexible.

Download the School Guidelines and Regulations