We don’t believe in an education system that is based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. At Britus International School – Bahrain, our experience – supported by world class research – is that there is no limit to what each child can learn and achieve given the right support and encouragement.


We encourage our students to be curious, determined, creative and confident in their own abilities. We go beyond good grades. We help each student discover and nurture their individual talents – whether through academic study, sports or the performing arts. Every child is different, and our challenge is to not only build on their strengths and passions, but to give them the motivation to overcome barriers and master areas that seem challenging at first. This is our belief. It is what motivates us at BISBH.  Does it motivate you?  


If so we would love to hear from you.  Please send an up-to-date curriculum vitae along with a completed application form to:

High quality academic and managerial support services are the backbone of any school.  We are always looking to employ talented individuals who will bring an eye for detail and a passion for working with children and young people.  If you wish to know more about our career opportunities with us, contact our Human Resources at:

Careers at Britus International School

For Interested applicants, please send an email to Note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

  • School Nurse
    Serial Number: 0012
    Requirements: Good command of English, relevant qualification, preferably experienced in other private schools in Bahrain.


  • Vice Principal – Middle and High School
    Serial Number: 0002
    Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree, degree in Education.
    Experience: Required minimum 5 years of leadership teaching in middle and high school. GCC work experience, US common core experience.

Applicant Data Sheet

Please download and fill out the applicant data sheet, and upload it alongside your CV submitted by the end of the form below.

Download Applicant Data Sheet

Please complete this information sheet and submit it to the recruitment personnel. If hired, this form will be part of your permanent record with the company.


    Application Information 

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    Educational Background 

    Master's Degree

    Bachelor's Degree

    Secondary Education

    Application Reference 

    For Teachers Position Only 

    Character References 

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    Medical History 

    If employed by AMA International School Bahrain, I agree to submit all relevant documents that may be required from me. In addition, I understand that as part of your screening procedure, an investigative report about my background may be made. Upon written request, I may obtain further information about the nature of and scope of this inquiry.

    I understand that employment with AMA International School Bahrain is contingent upon several factors, including satisfactory results of the following: background and reference checks and pre-employment medical examination.

    All representation by me in this information sheet is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I have not knowingly omitted any related information of an adverse nature. Inaccurate information may make me ineligible for employment.

    Contact our Human Resources

    Our teachers and school leaders are critical to the success of our schools, but a school cannot thrive or operate well without good people on the administrative side and education side. If you wish to know more about our career opportunities with us, contact our Human Resources.

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