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  AMAISB Turn 6  
  By: Danica Perez  
  Getting older, going stronger! - a very suitable adage that best describes the status of the AMA Education System as it celebrated its 29th founding anniversary and 6th for AMAISB on November 24, 2009.

For almost three decades, AMA has been in operation and for that span of time, it has penetrated the global market providing IT-based quality education among students worldwide.

The institution reached the realm of middle east in 2002 establishing the only Philippine-operated institution outside the country.

With the advent of university campus in Bahrain, basic education was established to expand the horizon of this IT-Based institution. For 5 years, the school of basic education became one of the pioneer schools that catered to students of different nationalities in the kingdom.

As part of the celebration, a program was held where students and teachers showcased different presentations. Visitors came to witness and enjoy the different events organized by the administration. This shows that AMAISB will continue its service to students in the kingdom.