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MIDDLE SCHOOL (Gr.7 to Gr.9)

AMA International School – Bahrain

Middle school serves as a bridge between the Elementary School and the High School.
All students take a common core of required courses. In addition a number of electives are offered.

Following are the Subjects offered:

  1. Language I : English
  2. Language II : Arabic
  3. Language III : French as a Foreign Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Social Studies
  7. Computer Education
  8. Physical Education
  9. Islamic Education
  10. Bahrain Government and Citizenship
  11. Bahrain History and Civilization
  12. Electives: Music / Arts / Speech / Journalism

Language Studies

  • English language, arts and social studies, and skills training are all in English.
  • Reading and writing workshop approaches are employed throughout.
  • Arabic and French are offered as second languages.
  • French language is offered to all non Arabic students.
  • Technology skills are learned through assignments and project.
  • Oral communication and conversation in formal Arabic reading and writing workshop approaches are employed throughout. Quran recitation in formal Arabic.

Integrated approach with an emphasis on active engagement and solving problems.​

Science teaching at this level emphasizes a strong understanding of scientific phenomena as well as critical thinking and analysis. Students are required to write laboratory reports, interpret their results, participate in scientific debates, and make in-class demonstration of experiments. Students develop a keen and deep interest in the cause and effect relationships governing scientific phenomena.

Social Studies
Development of social skills like manners and ethics, with a combination of geography and Bahrain / world history.

Computer Education

7th Grade
Seventh grade students will review spreadsheet software and will become experts at creating a variety of graphs from spreadsheet data. They will learn how to create personal database. They will follow a series of lessons in Word and Excel designed to prepare them for independent work later in middle school and in high school.

8th Grade
Eighth grade students will begin this rotation by reviewing search engines and how they work. For example, they will be doing research on a decade in American History. Working in pairs, will choose a year from the decade and examine that year in detail. Using electronic sources, print material and from the internet they will make a list of important events of the year in all areas.

9th Grade
Using the list they will create their own web page complete with Internet links to the different events. Then they will use Power Point to present their year to the class, explaining why each event they choose was one of the most important. In following the activities the students will become adept at both searching for information on the internet and critically examining the resources they discover. In the process, they will learn how to use MS Word and a basic html editor to create a web page complete with working links to the Internet.

Exit Goals
Student shall understand basic computer operations and terminology.

  • Students will show competence in research skills using various electronic information resources in the library and computer lab.
  • Students will be capable of creating and using spreadsheets and database to organize and analyze information.
  • Students will be able to present information in a variety of computer generated ways, including desktop publishing and multimedia.
  • Students shall demonstrate proficiency in using a word processor.
  • Students shall demonstrate proficiency in keyboarding.
  • Students will demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of computer technology.
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