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ELEMENTARY (Grade 1-6)

AMA International School – Bahrain

Elementary School is a diverse learning community that prepares each student for academic, social, and personal success by providing a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. The students are nurtured and assisted in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and caring individuals.

A Happy Social Environment

Creating a fun and ideal place for social interaction through making friends and developing relationships with other people.

Language Studies

The English writing process is taught in workshop environments the six traits of writing giving coherence to the overall program. Reading instruction reflects a balanced approach between whole language and skill-based instruction. Students experience literature through games, storytelling, speaking, listening and other methods.

Arabic language program is as per the Bahrain Ministry of Education.

Islamic Studies : Qur’an recitation in formal Arabic
French language is offered to all non Arabic students.

It provides a balance between computation, problem solving, and real-life applications. Exciting group based activities to develop counting skills, number work and measurements.

Social Studies
Development of social skills like manners and ethics, with a combination of geography and Bahrain/world history.

Arts and Craft
Enhancing artistic sensibilities through painting, printing and modeling, etc, in both individual or team sessions and development of sophisticated motor skills.

Creative expression through the performing arts; includes vocals, mime, singing, key board playing skills and on various musical instrument.

Physical Education
General physical outdoor activities using balls, hoops, cycles, etc.

Computer Education

1st Grade:
First graders learn to log on and off. They learn introduction to computers, computer parts, how to use the mouse and printer”. They work on line for educational games, letters, numbers, and special keys on a keyboard. First graders use a word-processor to write sentences. They learn to use the mouse in drawing program and create a simple card using a different program. They navigate the Internet to a selected destination.

2nd Grade
Second graders identify the components of a computer, i.e., CD-ROM, mouse, software, monitor, and printer. They locate and use special keys (i.e., period, comma, caps lock, etc.) They get introduced to typing skills and home keys. They use word processor to create class reports, posters and cards and save a file and print. Second graders use drawing tools to display information. They navigate the Internet to selected destination and use educational games.

3rd Grade
Third graders can change fonts and sizes in a word processing document. They use correct finger placement when keyboarding. They search an electronic encyclopedia for specific information. Third graders use a word processor to enter, and save text, adding graphics and printing to correct printer. They create tables and signs as individual activity. They graph data with graphing program. They manipulate a graphic. They do a basic Internet search using a search engine with supervision.

4th Grade
Fourth graders can Add/Delete files. They understand how to use electronic encyclopedias to research a simple topic. They can use the Internet to gather information using the Internet for search for specific information. They use the proper keyboarding techniques for keying letters. Fourth graders use a word processor to edit and save changes to a document, add an object to a file; they edit images, besides an introduction to networks is introduced.

5th Grade
Fifth graders will select search strategies to obtain information from a variety of sources including books, library computer catalog, CD-ROMs, electronic encyclopedias, atlases, and the Internet. They can evaluate electronic information for appropriateness, accuracy, and usefulness. They use PowerPoint to create multimedia presentation. They also use vector drawing software to complete a series of assignment.

6th Grade
During this rotation class students will learn about search engines and evaluation of web sites. They will be introduced to MS Excel. Working in groups, the students will create a newsletter. For Example, they will choose their own topic from Ancient Egypt, China or Rome etc. They use the Internet, electronic sources and print material to research that topic and then create a report. They will learn about working with headlines, text frames, columns, and images.

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