AMA International School – Bahrain

AMA International School is fully responsible for the care and protection of students whilst they are in the
school’s care, or travelling to and from the school using school-provided transportation means, and while moving between all activities organized by the school. The school will take all possible measures to protect students from any form of exploitation, abuse, oppression and insult and/or any other physical, sexual or emotional threat, danger or harm. The school will exercise the utmost care over the security of students in its care.

The principal in AMAIS accepts in loco parentis (in the position of a parent/guardian) responsibility for all students whilst they are in the school’s care, including travelling to and from the school using school-provided transportation means, and while moving between, waiting for, and taking part in all activities organized by the school.

AMAIS management ensures the effective supervision of students at least 45 minutes before the start of the school day and up to 90 minutes after school hours, and notifies parents/guardians of their responsibility toward their children outside of these two periods.

AMAIS has student protection policy that ensures it follows, adheres to and aligns with all the relevant laws and regulations issued by relevant regulatory authorities in Bahrain.

This policy acts as a reference in respect of all measures and procedures taken by AMAIS to protect students from any form of abuse or harm. This policy includes, for example, the following: 

·       The safety of school buildings, transportation and school activities. 

·       Students’ health, welfare and well-being.

·       Conduct and discipline of students.

·       Confidentiality of students’ personal data.

·       Security of school IT systems.

·       Supervision of students at all times during
school day hours and related school activities.

·       Counselling and school support services

·       Conducting the necessary background checks on all school personnel

· Reporting procedures in respect of any incident affecting the security of students within the school to parents/guardians

·       Confidentiality of reports and investigations related to any kind of student abuse and communications when dealing with regulatory authorities and relevant government entities.

·       Provision of on-going First Aid training, and dissemination of knowledge regarding all health, safety and prevention matters so that all school staff know what is expected of them

·       Communicating with students and their parents/guardians to hear their opinion through a variety of means, which may include surveys, group discussions and opportunities for them to express their views

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