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Admission to the classes is at the beginning of the academic year. Registration for the new academic year commences from the month of January. Parents desirous of seeking admission of their children can obtain Application Forms from the Admissions Office.

Admission Requirements

A student seeking admission to a particular class must have passed the final examinations of the lower class immediately preceding the class to which admission is sought. A certificate to this effect obtained from the school last attended is to be submitted along with the duly filled in form of application.
  1. A student who seeks admission to any of the classes of the school will have to take a placement test administered by the school in the subjects decided by the school. He/She will be eligible for admission only if he/she passes the test.
  2. The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission.
  • Birth certificate as proof of the date of birth
  • Transfer or leaving certificate obtained from the school last attended
  • Certificate of passing in examinations as stated in paragraph [1] / report card in original
  • Copy of passport
  • 4 photographs [passport size]
  • Vaccination Record
  • Letter of Conduct [previous school]
Fee Structure
   Application Fee BHD 25.000
   Non-refundable, payable upon submission of the Student Application Form

   Registration Fee BHD 150.000

   Tuition Fee

   Pre-school (Nursery - KG 2) BHD 1108.800 per year
  BHD 369.600 per term

   Primary School (Grade 1 - 5) BHD 1143.500 per year
  BHD 381.167 per term
   Middle School / High School (Grade 6 - 9)  
   Grade 6 BHD 1143.500 per year
  BHD 381.167 per term
   Grade 7 BHD 1524.600 per year
  BHD 508.200 per term
   Grade 8 BHD 1628.200 per year
  BHD 542.733 per term
   Grade 9 BHD 1767.200 per year
  BHD 589.067 per term
   Grade 10 & above BHD 2409.200 per year
  BHD 803.067 per term

   Nursery BHD 75.000

   KG 1 - KG 2 BHD 100.000

   Grade 1 - 12 BHD 120.000

   Activity Fee BHD 60.000 per year
  BHD 20.000 per term