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  AMA International School is a school that has a fully equipped study environment with competent staff and teachers who are committed to nurture, encourage and inspire young minds ages 3 18.

It started its operations in September, 2004. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain and is accepted regionally and internationally.

The school started offering Preschool (Nursery, Kindergaten 1, Kindergarten 2), 1st Grade to 6th Grade totaling 130 students in school year 2004 - 2005. 7th Grade to 9th Grade were offered during the school year 2005 2006. 10th to 12th grades were then offered one after another every school year and in June 17, 2009, the first graduation ceremony was held. Thirty (30) 12th Grade students composed the first batch of graduates.

The school follows an American Curriculum from Nursery through High School. It is enhanced by the world renowned Great Explorations in Mathematics and Science (GEMS) program of the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California,in Berkely, USA. After a series of trainings scheduled annually for three (3) consecutive years , AMA International School was granted a Center status for the GEMS in the region.

English is the medium of instructions but Arabic is strongly stressed in the curriculum. International students take French Language as a second language of study. Computer Literacy is also a strength of the school. Both Arabic and Computer Literacy are offered in all levels from Nursery to 12th Grade together with the basic subjects. Middle and High School students have a chance to choose an elective subject which would help them gain further preparation for the university.

In order to develop informed, thinking and disciplined individuals capable of participating fully in their respective national settings and globally, AMA International School aims to establish an environment which promotes the highest possible standards of education, promote skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for life-long development of a total person, prepare students to adapt and adjust to the complexities and challenges of an increasingly interdependent and constantly changing world and foster awareness of rights, duties and responsibilities of citizenship, as well as respect for other cultures and nationalities.