AMA International School

Harnessing the Excellence

Within Each Student

With a strong community and a team of passionate educators, we offer an enriching educational experience designed to see each student excel

An Established Educational Community

Since November 2019 AMA International School has been managed by Britus Education, the school is a well-equipped campus offering students the very best learning experience. The school is currently going through a significant transformation and parents and students are fully engaged in the changes and developments.

AMA International School is proud to have its roots in Bahrain society, with a long-term commitment to the country and a recognition that education is at the heart of a thriving and sustainable modern economy. AMAIS is a school embedded in the local community but with an international outlook. AMAIS recognizes the importance of preparing global citizens giving learners an education that is meaningful and relevant to their personal, academic, social and work-life.

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Embracing Each Child’s Unique Potential

Our educational approach is firmly grounded in the belief that each child is a unique individual, and over the past 16 years we’ve continually worked towards developing an enriching curriculum that fosters the develop of our students across multiple spheres, including:


Enabling excellent performance in a suite of world-renowned qualifications designed to reflect each student’s strengths, competencies and ambitions


Nurturing the attitudes and attributes that help each student communicate, collaborate and innovate with others


Developing resilience, determination and positivity in the face of challenges and a high level of awareness and regulation of self

Our Belief
Look Inside

The Right Education, In the Right Environment

The school is housed in a large, well-integrated building on three floors with central air-conditioning. Spacious, naturally lit classrooms and wide corridors provide open circulation spaces with a friendly ambience

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Empowering Students Through Every Stage

From kindergarten all the way through to graduation, we are there to support our students through every stage of development. AMAIS offers schooling across these three key academic stages:


Our Preschool recognises that every child deserves the best possible start in life.

Primary School

Our Primary School at AMAIS l consists of Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Secondary School

Our students at AMA International School enter into this stage of their educational journey with ever developing competencies and skills. Our Secondary School is consist of students from Grade 7- Grade12.

Weekly School Updates

AMAIS is working with our students, teachers, parents, and staff for continuous improvement of our school. Learn more about our school community updates, and news by clicking the button below.

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